EQ Leadership Academy

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What is EQ Leadership Academy? 

EQ Leadership Academy is an 8 week interactive video-based training program that teaches effective, research-based strategies to increase emotional intelligent skills to leaders in organizations who want to unlock their potential and make an impact by achieving more in their jobs. 


"If you are working for a company that is not enthusiastic, energetic, creative, clever, curious, an just plain fun, you've got troubles, serious troubles."

- Tom Peters, Management Guru


Why the EQ Leadership Academy?

Tired of taking leadership courses that do not translate into business results? 

EQ Leadership Academy is on a mission to change the boring academic teachings. We empower our students to start making a difference right away. 

Our program delivers results - your success is our success! 

How does the EQ Leadership Academy work?

Our training is released in weekly modules and consist of easy-to-follow videos, done-for-you templates, swipe files, resource lists, and Fun Sheets. All of the training is online, contained in the private EQ School member only site. Students can view the training videos, connect with others, and compare notes with classmates.

The program includes a complementary EQ-i 2.0 Inventory Leadership Report and an half an hour debrief of the results. 

You also have the opportunity to upgrade to more coaching for additional support and greater impact. 


The EQ Leadership Academy only opens twice per year, so please join our waitlist so you can be notified when the doors open for registration. 


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